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9/6 Double Double Bonus suggests in its turn 99.65% and 8/5 Triple Bonus – 99.87%, the highest coefficient. The devotees of the Quick Quads online poker know that they can act for 5 or 6 coins. It resembles the usual multi-play variant. It is more useful to exploit the return tables with the data about the pays, combinations and probabilities.

Quick Quads Bonus Poker Strategy - Real Money Action QUICK QUADS BONUS POKER. We’ll continue our discussion of the ‘Quick Quads‘ series of games with the ‘Bonus Poker‘ variation. This game combines two video ... 8/5 Bonus Poker for Quick Quads - If you want to find out more about 8/5 Bonus Poker for Quick Quads strategy, the following table introduces you to the return percentage and other useful info.

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8/5 Triple Bonus for Quick Quads Introduction. The following strategy is for 8/5 Triple Bonus Quick Quads. The following return table shows that with optimal strategy the return is 99.87%. Quick Quads Video Poker Strategy & Rules | ThePOGG Quick Quads is not a Video Poker game in itself but rather a variation on the standard Video Poker format has been applied to some games. The difference between Quick Quads and the standard version of the game is that the player can choose to play a 6th coin. 8/5 Bonus Poker for Quick Quads -

Where and how to play Quick Quads poker. Video poker strategy and paytables for this variation. Everything you need to know to get started.

Bonus poker is a really beloved kind by the thrill-seekers for today. ... Video Poker Strategy ... Quick Quads. The ongoing set of ... Video Poker: Bonus Poker Deluxe | Gaming and Destinations

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Where can I find correct strategy for triple double bonus? ... My video poker strategy maker will give you a strategy for almost any form of video poker, ... Playing Quick Quads For Fun & Profit By Linda Boyd Playing Quick Quads For Fun & Profit By Linda Boyd My friend Roxy and I stopped at a Quick Mart on the road to Vegas for a fill-up and snacks. There they were, Good and Plenty, Neccos, M&M’s, Hershey Bars, Chuckles and a bunch of other sugary treats that were around when I was a kid. Still hot sellers too with little change to the wrappers. Gambling Tips by Henry Tamburin how to play quick quads; quick primer on multi-strike - part 1; quick primer on multi-strike - part 2; understanding penalty cards; understanding variance; best bonus poker games; best jacks or better video poker games; Interview with don schlesinger developer ultimate basic strategy cards; facts about double bonus poker; dumb luck; BASICS OF ... Quick Quads Poker™ - Video Poker for Casinos Quick Quads Poker™ If you’ve ever played video poker it’s likely you’ve gotten 3-of-a-kind where the 4th and 5th card add up to the rank of the other three. Like the rest of us, you probably thought to yourself, “That could have been a 4-of-a-kind!” Well now, with the new Quick Quads Poker™ game, IT IS. This game is fast-paced with

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Quick Quads is a land casino video poker variant with an innovative four of a kind hand. The max bet is six coins and it has a challenging strategy. How to Find and Fix Your Poker Mistakes | Beginner Poker Every time you make a mistake in poker, you ultimately lose money. But not all mistakes are created equal. Here's how to find and fix your poker mistakes. How to Play 3-Card Poker | 3-Card Poker Rules & Strategy Tips Want to know everything there is to know about playing 3-Card Poker? CasinoTop10 has your complete guide with all you need to know about the game. Ultimate X Poker Bonus Streak

Quick Quads - Video Poker - Gambling - Page 3 - Forums ... Especially on 100 play machines, when you get a correct starting combination like 88825, I think the expected number of qq is 8.5, and the machine keeps shouting 'quick quads', 'quick quads', etc, etc. I'm not 100% familiar with the strategy to play in the casino, but am working on it with on Video Poker - Atlantis Gold